Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HPU Schedule Reminders APP:Stakeholders

Base on the HPU Schedule Reminders APP I've talked about, there are the list of stakeholders:

Users (Operational): 

  • The members who should on/would like to use as reminders should create an account and upload their timetables for system reminders.
Teachers (Operational): 

  • The teacher may check on the scheduling system and post assignments due dates/final exam time/annocement for students.

Secretary (Internal):

  • Post the esssential timetables to the APP.

  • Creators or makers of the system


  • The people who support the system goes well.
HPU(Executive/External Operations):

  • The people who benefits from the system and support or give ideas on the system.

Development idea:
Maybe connect to the School Canlender for more functions.

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