Monday, October 7, 2013

Reaching out: Auto-schedule table

Non-profit organization: SHU Career Development Center
This is the first step to get connect with the clients(SHU Career Development Center) to discuss about my first brainstorming idea:Auto-schedule table

SHU Career Development Center is an non-profit organization for my home university's students' career service(like HPU CSC). I found the problem while working.  So when the CSCI3211 project comes out, I contacted the leader of CDC. Since they knew that my major is information system management and they trust me, they are willing to help me with the project.

I sent a e-mail to catch up their needs.(of course in Chinese, but unfortunately, I will translate the main idea later) The Associate Secretary made their opinion of it and they added some requirements on my project:
1,Easy to operate.
2,Can be printed out
3,Many options for usage:can show how many people are free at certain time

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