Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Plan: Auto-schedule table

Regarding the idea of Auto_schedule table and the analysis of stakeholders.
The course require us to negotiate with clients.When I talked about the project, they are very interested in my idea. And we set up the meeting time immediately.
 The following is an interview plan with one of  major stakeholders in the project.

1)Object of interview:- choose the way how users sign up for the system
2)Time:October 7,2013, at 10:00 p.m(Hawaii Time)
3)Location:through Skype(Since we are in different part of the world)
4)User Participants: Qinxuan Lin, President of CDC, and Yitong Cui, Secretary
5)Project Team Participant(s):Kangyun Dou


1)Who can help with testing the system?
2)What is the process of the system requirements?
3)Who has access to the system database?
4)Other function needed?
5)Is there any additional information needed to the system operation?

1)Requirements Handouts will be sent within 4 weekdays.
2) Next Meeting Time: Around October 17,2013 Time will be set up later
3)Emergency Contact Person: Yitong Cui, Secretary

Monday, October 7, 2013

Reaching out: Auto-schedule table

Non-profit organization: SHU Career Development Center
This is the first step to get connect with the clients(SHU Career Development Center) to discuss about my first brainstorming idea:Auto-schedule table

SHU Career Development Center is an non-profit organization for my home university's students' career service(like HPU CSC). I found the problem while working.  So when the CSCI3211 project comes out, I contacted the leader of CDC. Since they knew that my major is information system management and they trust me, they are willing to help me with the project.

I sent a e-mail to catch up their needs.(of course in Chinese, but unfortunately, I will translate the main idea later) The Associate Secretary made their opinion of it and they added some requirements on my project:
1,Easy to operate.
2,Can be printed out
3,Many options for usage:can show how many people are free at certain time

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HPU Schedule Reminders APP:Stakeholders

Base on the HPU Schedule Reminders APP I've talked about, there are the list of stakeholders:

Users (Operational): 

  • The members who should on/would like to use as reminders should create an account and upload their timetables for system reminders.
Teachers (Operational): 

  • The teacher may check on the scheduling system and post assignments due dates/final exam time/annocement for students.

Secretary (Internal):

  • Post the esssential timetables to the APP.

  • Creators or makers of the system


  • The people who support the system goes well.
HPU(Executive/External Operations):

  • The people who benefits from the system and support or give ideas on the system.

Development idea:
Maybe connect to the School Canlender for more functions.

Hawaii Tourism Information Center:Stakeholders

As for  Hawaii Tourism Information Center, there is a list of stakeholders:
Users (Operational): 

  • The users need to make travelling plan

Supporter (Internal):
  • update lastest data about these information and post new attractions

  • Creators or makers of the system

Hawaii Tourism Committe(Executive/External Operations):

  • The people who benefits from the system and support or give ideas on the system

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Auto-schedule table:Stakeholders

As for  Auto-schedule table ,there is a list of possible stakeholders:

Members (Operational): 

  • The members who should on/would like to on duty should create an account and upload their timetables for system Scheduling.
Teachers (Operational): 

  • The teacher may check on the scheduling system and post it on the office.

Secretary (Internal):
  • Select options to make a suitable timetable

  • Creators or makers of the system

Career Development Center (Executive/External Operations):

  • The people who benefits from the system and support or give ideas on the system.

Development about the system:
The choice of one-time-one-person should be designed as checkbox so that more options will be provided.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Idea 3 : HPU Schedule Reminders APP

Potential Client: HPU

Problem Description:
All students are worried about the deadlines and the missing events.  

System Capabilities:
1)When the clinet log in the system, all the deadlines and the final exam time and courses related things will be written to your sechdule. Client can set up the alarm type and time to get the reminders.
2)When you registered for school activites/job/..., the schudule will be updated automatically as well.
3)For teachers, it will be meeting schedule.

Business Benefits:
Maybe used in other schools.

Idea 2: Hawaii Tourism Information Center

Potential Client: Hawaii Tourism related 

Problem Description:
When people have no idea about the Hawaii Tourism , they will get information from the system and basic information they want to know will be provided and they will no longer be lost in so many attractions in Hawaii.
System Capabilities:
When people select the purpose of Hawaii trip and the information they want to know about the information(open hours, the price/bughet, the transportaion,expected spending time) about the suggestions the system given, then the systeam will give a list of protential choices to cutomers so that it will be easier for customers to deceide.

Business Benefits:
Advertisement Income.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brainstorm1:Auto-schedule table

Non-profit organization:SHU Career Development Center

Problem Description:
Members should be on duty once a week and our secretary will schedule members' time and then come up a schedule table.
It's really annoying to just switch from one's schedule and the others. It will help if there is a system can help.

System Capabilities:
The system enables Members to click the time they will have class and upload to secretary and when the system gather up all their schedules , the secretary can see the name lists available and then choose their name (one name can only be chosen once).After selection, the final schedule table will come up.

Business Benefits:
Can be used in other organisations for scheduling.

Friday, September 13, 2013

About me and interesting Ruby.

Hi, my name is Kangyun Dou. If you read Kangyun fast, it will be like Karen, that's why my english name is Karen.I'm from Shanghai, China. I will be Hawaii for one semester. My major is information system and information management.

Ruby is the programming language I am learning now.  Highly recommend this website called Codecademy It is a great tutoring center and it is interesting for people to understand. Instead of beginning with simple "Hello, world." It really make difference. Easy to sign up and easy to learn.

It is looks like this...many things you can sign up to learn.

Compared to C, C++,VB I have learnt before, Ruby is more like a human talk.  It's like you are typing the real world language we are using now to the computer.  For example ,  we use 'print' to print a line and write between double quotes instead of 'out' in Ruby.  Besides, Ruby was developed in 1995 (younger than me), that's maybe the reason why Ruby is so English-like.

This short video about Ruby is also very interesting: