Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Plan: Auto-schedule table

Regarding the idea of Auto_schedule table and the analysis of stakeholders.
The course require us to negotiate with clients.When I talked about the project, they are very interested in my idea. And we set up the meeting time immediately.
 The following is an interview plan with one of  major stakeholders in the project.

1)Object of interview:- choose the way how users sign up for the system
2)Time:October 7,2013, at 10:00 p.m(Hawaii Time)
3)Location:through Skype(Since we are in different part of the world)
4)User Participants: Qinxuan Lin, President of CDC, and Yitong Cui, Secretary
5)Project Team Participant(s):Kangyun Dou


1)Who can help with testing the system?
2)What is the process of the system requirements?
3)Who has access to the system database?
4)Other function needed?
5)Is there any additional information needed to the system operation?

1)Requirements Handouts will be sent within 4 weekdays.
2) Next Meeting Time: Around October 17,2013 Time will be set up later
3)Emergency Contact Person: Yitong Cui, Secretary

Monday, October 7, 2013

Reaching out: Auto-schedule table

Non-profit organization: SHU Career Development Center
This is the first step to get connect with the clients(SHU Career Development Center) to discuss about my first brainstorming idea:Auto-schedule table

SHU Career Development Center is an non-profit organization for my home university's students' career service(like HPU CSC). I found the problem while working.  So when the CSCI3211 project comes out, I contacted the leader of CDC. Since they knew that my major is information system management and they trust me, they are willing to help me with the project.

I sent a e-mail to catch up their needs.(of course in Chinese, but unfortunately, I will translate the main idea later) The Associate Secretary made their opinion of it and they added some requirements on my project:
1,Easy to operate.
2,Can be printed out
3,Many options for usage:can show how many people are free at certain time